What Makes Our Specialty Fabrication Process Unique?

How often are construction, auto, or manufacturing jobs held up due to the need for a specific part or machine that is highly inaccessible? MLM Lifts and Manufacturing is the leading producer of both high capacity, large diameter single-acting hydraulic cylinders and custom fabricated steel products for various industries. Though we offer quick turnarounds from […]

Large Electric Power Voltage Regulator Reconditioning

When electricity flows through a circuit or power network, the voltage typically fluctuates. Fluctuation can occur due to environmental factors or other influences that may be out of a power company’s control. That is why voltage regulators are crucial. Regulators adjust the voltage of the power input to flow out at the appropriate voltage for […]

Custom Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinder for Drug Companies

Hydraulic cylinders are used in multiple industries for a myriad of applications. Their durability, simplicity, and power make them ideal for moving, positioning, pulling, lifting, and lowering heavy loads. Excavators, man-lifts, dump trucks, cranes, construction vehicles, and marine equipment require the power of hydraulic cylinders to properly function in their respective industries. Hydraulic cylinders are […]

Exclusive Lifting System for Servicing Porsche 911 Models

Every stunning version of the Porsche 911 is an iconic, eye-catching automobile. Few vehicles are as instantly recognizable. Few others turn every head. “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams,” Ferdinand Porsche said, “so I built it myself.” In reality, he built the sports car of a multitude of dreams, and automobile enthusiasts […]

Custom Lift Made for Batching Smooth-On Corporation’s Ingredients

SVI International is dedicated to providing custom-designed solutions to industries in need of innovation. When Smooth-On approached our team with a unique request, we accepted the challenge. SVI’s subsidiary, MLM Lifts & Manufacturing, set to work creating a custom product that would efficiently and accurately solve Smooth-On’s problem. MLM’s final product: a disperser cylinder custom-designed […]