large electric power voltage regulator reconditioning

Large Electric Power Voltage Regulator Reconditioning

When electricity flows through a circuit or power network, the voltage typically fluctuates. Fluctuation can occur due to environmental factors or other influences that may be out of a power company’s control. That is why voltage regulators are crucial. Regulators adjust the voltage of the power input to flow out at the appropriate voltage for the task at hand.

The Purpose of Regulators

Large electric power voltage regulators (located in substations or on feeder lines) perform this important task for large-scale power distribution systems in order to prevent damage to the equipment using the power. If the voltage output from a power distribution system is too high, the equipment could be damaged. Surging a massive amount of voltage into a piece of equipment is like using too much force to open a glass jar – the jar could shatter into a million pieces. Or, at the very least, the jar may be compromised by the unnecessary force. Regulators ensure that only the necessary power voltage is available for specific electric equipment to use.

Another benefit of using regulators is that they cut costs by as much as 10-20 percent for consumers and/or power companies. Regulators eliminate excess power wasted on the receiving equipment. Moderating voltage to the appropriate output is also better for the environment, since less electricity gets wasted.

The Challenge

Like most electrical equipment, power voltage regulators need to be maintained and repaired regularly. The challenge is, these regulators are tall and difficult to maneuver. One power company, East River Electric Power Coop in South Dakota, realized that their jib crane’s hook was too low to take the regulator’s cover off, permitting personnel to maintain and repair the regulator.

East River Electric Power Coop needed a solution that would allow them to effectively and safely remove the cover.

A Solution

East River Electric Power Coop decided to install hydraulic cylinder pit lifts to lower the voltage regulators into the ground, allowing the crane to easily and carefully lift the cover off the voltage regulator. After the cover is removed, the hydraulic cylinder lift can raise the regulator back up to floor level, and the re-conditioning process can continue.

When the cover needs to go back on, the lift can lower the regulator once again so that the crane can place the cover on properly before raising the regulator back up to the floor level. The large electric power voltage regulator is now ready to be transported back out to the field to protect electronic equipment from voltage levels that are too high, to save on overall energy costs, and to reduce harm to the environment.

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