Hydraulic Lifts for Forklift Maintenance

For countless industries, forklifts help stock heavy items in large warehouses and provide safe product transition and movement. Therefore, when a forklift requires scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs, it is crucial to have the right servicing equipment on repair. In the content below, we discuss the importance of forklift maintenance and explore the most effective […]

Hydraulic Lifts vs Traction Lifts

When someone visits a bustling city and takes an elevator to the 69th floor of a skyscraper, they probably don’t stop to wonder how the elevator was able to carry them and 14 other people to the top. Elevators must be strong enough to carry passengers or materials and equipment up and down without noticeable […]

Custom Lifts for Jet Engines

When someone notices a jet or airplane in the sky, they may wonder where the passengers are headed or how fast it is travelling. However, it is uncommon for people to wonder how such large engines get installed into those airplanes. As heavy and large as jet engines are, special lifting equipment is imperative for […]

Custom Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifts are crucial components in many industries today. However, sometimes manufacturing companies cannot mass-produce the right hydraulic lift for your application. Therefore, considering a custom hydraulic lift tailored to your industry may be the best option. Below, we discuss the creation of a custom hydraulic application, ideal for your situation. Semi-Hydraulic or Full Hydraulic […]

What is a Hydraulic Lift Company?

Though we may not see them, hydraulics are pivotal instruments for countless industries. In particular, the use of hydraulic lifts proves essential to the operations of many companies. Below, we answer common questions associated with what a hydraulic lift company is, what hydraulic lifts are used for, and the industries that benefit from them. What […]

Custom Lifting Solutions

No one likes running a shop or business when their lifts aren’t a perfect fit. Regardless of the industry, the wrong lift slows productivity and heightens the level of employee and equipment safety risk. Lifting equipment is implemented in industries ranging from automotive and construction to medical and showroom. However, sometimes generic manufacturers do not […]

What Is the Difference Between Single-Acting and Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders?

In the industrial world, cylinders are an essential component to any high-powered job. Bulldozers, dump trucks, tow trucks, and everything in between require a reliable and effective hydraulic system to make any job run smoother. Hydraulic cylinders are manufactured into single-acting, double-acting models, or custom fabricated. Below, we discuss their main operational differences, helping you […]

What Makes Our Specialty Fabrication Process Unique?

How often are construction, auto, or manufacturing jobs held up due to the need for a specific part or machine that is highly inaccessible? MLM Lifts and Manufacturing is the leading producer of both high capacity, large diameter single-acting hydraulic cylinders and custom fabricated steel products for various industries. Though we offer quick turnarounds from […]

Large Electric Power Voltage Regulator Reconditioning

When electricity flows through a circuit or power network, the voltage typically fluctuates. Fluctuation can occur due to environmental factors or other influences that may be out of a power company’s control. That is why voltage regulators are crucial. Regulators adjust the voltage of the power input to flow out at the appropriate voltage for […]

Custom Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinders for Drug Companies

Stainless steel hydraulic cylinders are used in multiple industries for a myriad of applications. Their durability, simplicity, and power make them ideal for moving, positioning, pulling, lifting, and lowering heavy loads. Excavators, man-lifts, dump trucks, cranes, construction vehicles, and marine equipment require the power of hydraulic cylinders to properly function in their respective industries. Hydraulic […]