Small Equipment Shop Maintenance (SESM) Lifts

Simple to install and operate!

Various Platform Sizes and Frame or Undercarriage Engaging Lift Structures




— Does not Require Electricity or Hydraulic Pump! —
Check out our SESM Lifts brochure for more information on how the lift works!

MLM Lifts and Manufacturing LLC is a leading producer of high capacity, low pressure single-acting cylinders for various industries. Effectively a combination of Globe Lift and the former Gilbarco lift division, MLM has an extensive engineering data bank that extends back to 1928. This broad knowledge base and an ever present can-do attitude has driven MLM into many markets as a mainstay supplier of products to increase shop and in-the-field productivity.

SESM Lifts, or small equipment lifts,  from MLM are a perfect solution for those engaged in the sale, service, and use of smaller equipment associated with the outdoor power and turf equipment industries. Our style of lifts can be found in golf carts dealerships, landscape equipment maintenance shops, ATV dealers, motorcycle shops and just about anywhere else someone wants to make their job more productive and easier to accomplish.

MLM is a family-owned business and a subsidiary of SVI International, Inc. We take great pride in the job we do, as MLM is an America-First enterprise. We support American jobs, American craftsmanship, American engineering and all the American companies we can proudly call our customers. Please put a small equipment SESM lift to work for you in your shop today. Become a fan of MLM and add to our growing list of wonderful testimonials from satisfied customers. You will not be disappointed.



LESM Lifts – Large Equipment Shop Maintenance

Larger Versions Available for Large Tractors, Ag Equipment, Skid Steers, and More! Capacities Possible to over 100,000 lbs.

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