What is a Hydraulic Lift Company?

What is a Hydraulic Lift Company?

Though we may not see them, hydraulics are pivotal instruments for countless industries. In particular, the use of hydraulic lifts proves essential to the operations of many companies. Below, we answer common questions associated with what a hydraulic lift company is, what hydraulic lifts are used for, and the industries that benefit from them.

What is a Hydraulic Lift?

A hydraulic lift is a machine that uses a hydraulic apparatus to lift or move objects. It uses a created force that is a result of pressure exerted on liquid inside a piston. Simply put, force produces the “lift” and “work.”

All hydraulic systems use the same basic principle, and hydraulic lifts are no different.

A hydraulics’ main components include:

  • Piston within a cylinder (called a ram)
  • Oil reservoir or tank
  • Pump
  • Motor (to drive the pump)
  • Valve

How Do Hydraulic Lifts Work?

Hydraulic lifts work on a basic principle. To go up, a pump pushes oil into the cylinder, pushing the piston (which pushes the lift car) up. To go down, the valve opens, and oil returns the reservoir, pushing the piston back using the gravitational force of the lift car.

When the valve closes, the oil can only go from the reservoir into the cylinder. As the valve opens, oil can only flow from the cylinder back into the reservoir.

What Industries Can Hydraulic Lifts Service?

Hydraulic lift technology integrates in equipment such as hydraulic jacks, forklifts, car lifts, boat lifts, and landscaping among many other machines. This technology is a critical aspect of engineering, and many applications would not be possible unless another technology existed to replace it. Automotive, construction, avionics, boating, and shipping industries depend heavily upon it, and it also contributes to a large part of the modern world as we know it.

SESM Lifts

Small Equipment Shop Maintenance (SESM) lifts effectively engage in the sale, service, and use of smaller equipment, especially equipment in outdoor power and turf equipment industries. Tailoring a SESM lift to create a custom product is easy to do and can improve your selling or servicing of equipment.

LESM Lifts

Large Equipment Shop Maintenance (LESM) lifts provide a perfect solution for lifting heavy equipment such as tractors, agricultural equipment, and skid steers. When needing equipment weighing over 100,000 pounds, you need a reliable hydraulic lift to complete a project with ease and safety for employees and other equipment. With ordering an LESM lift, you can customize additional functions and dimensions to best suit your industry needs.

MLM Lifts and Manufacturing: A Hydraulic Lift Company for your Industry’s Needs

Hydraulic lift companies are responsible for the fabrication of hydraulic lifts and lift parts. Though some manufacturers create a large supply of standard models, your company should have a customized hydraulic lift to fit your needs. MLM Lifts and Manufacturing Inc. guarantees customer satisfaction with our client communication, timely production, and high-quality finishes. We devote our services to listening and creating custom solutions for your unique fabrication needs by providing a reliable product ready for the long haul. Contact us today to receive a free quote on your custom order.