2014, May   MLM Lifts and Manufacturing, LLC is the new official name. This change provides a more unique identity and puts an end to any confusion in the proper pronunciation of the old Indian word meaning “place of good spirit.” Manitowoc is a geographical location in eastern, Wisconsin along the shores of Lake Michigan. The name transition to MLM is a natural progression as the company continues its nationwide customer support efforts and diversification. MLM is centrally located with its production facility being just west of Chicago, Illinois. MLM also has full warehousing access to its parent company’s stocking locations in Los Angeles, California and Baltimore, Maryland. As the MLM product line grows, these three locations across the USA will be beneficial in helping keep shipping costs to a minimum while speeding delivery times.

2013, December   Manitowoc Lifts and Mfg. (MLM) introduces the Blade4™ efficiency system exclusively for use by landscape and lawn care professionals. The Blade4 is a revolutionary advance in lawn mower blades that enhances mowing efficiency while ultimately helping professional contractors lower their operating costs. Blade4™  lawn mower blades are American-Made and intended for use on all multi-blade clutch-engaging lawn mowers.

2013, August   Manitowoc Lifts and Mfg. (MLM) introduces a new line of Small Equipment Shop Maintenance lifts known as SESM Platform lifts. These lifts are very popular with mechanics in small equipment maintenance shops that service golf carts, ATV’s lawn mowers, motorcycles, snowmobiles and general landscaping equipment.

2012, December   Manitowoc Lifts and Mfg. (MLM) begins producing a new line of floor standing single acting cylinders for use in industrial applications. This new line of cylinders utilizes modern design elements and an exclusive cylinder stability technology given the acronym “DUSL”, which stands for a dual upper, single lower cylinder rod guide bearing system.  These robust cylinders also use an exclusive sealing and wiping system to optimize performance and greatly increase the interval between seal replacement and maintenance.

2011, October   Manitowoc Lifts and Mfg’s parent company SVI International, Inc. acquires the assets of the Miller and Smith Welding Company and folds the operation in under the SVI subsidiary, Manitowoc Lifts and Manufacturing (MLM). With the addition of new personnel and equipment, SVI management undertakes new initiative to grow the MLM business with new products for new markets.

2010, November   Manitowoc Lifts and Manufacturing, LLC (MLM) was officially established as a single-acting hydraulic cylinder manufacturer and a producer of specialty steel fabrications. While MLM may appear to be a relatively young company, it really is not. MLM has access to a vast bank of engineering and production knowledge that extends back to 1928. MLM is a subsidiary of SVI International, Inc. and employs a well-tenured staff of machinists and certified welders.


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