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Custom Lifting Solutions

No one likes running a shop or business when their lifts aren’t a perfect fit. Regardless of the industry, the wrong lift slows productivity and heightens the level of employee and equipment safety risk. Lifting equipment is implemented in industries ranging from automotive and construction to medical and showroom. However, sometimes generic manufacturers do not mass produce the exact lift you need to complete a task – or run a business – efficiently and safely. Below, we explore a few tangible ways in which ordering custom lifts can be a solution to your company’s needs.

Custom Lifting Solution: SESM

Using Small Equipment Shop Maintenance (SESM) lifts, your business can effectively engage in the sale, service, and use of smaller equipment associated with outdoor power and turf equipment industries. Exploring your custom SESM lift options allows you to better tailor your selling or servicing of equipment in golf cart dealerships, landscape equipment maintenance shops, ATV dealers, motorcycle shops and other small equipment businesses. Because SESM lifts can be customized according to unique applications, they can increase business productivity and employee safety in your specific industry.

Custom LESM Lifts

Do you struggle with finding the perfect lift for your large or heavy equipment? Large Equipment Shop Maintenance (LESM) lifts are an excellent lifting solution for tractors, agricultural equipment, skid steers, and other heavy equipment. With lifting and moving capacities exceeding 100,000 pounds, your company can complete any large projects with ease, efficiency, and safety to employees and equipment. With ordering an LESM lift, you can specify additional, custom functions and dimensions.

Custom Showroom Lifts

Every dealer providing top quality equipment can use a showroom lift to help increase sales of mowers, golf carts, ATV’s, or any other equipment, while demonstrating platform lifts to clients who are conscientious about improving their own productivity. Implementing a platform-style showroom lift will raise your best equipment to a height more palatable for customer viewing and interaction. As a result, fewer customers will be forced to bend over while examining controls or other significant features.

For example, placing a zero-turn mower upon a showroom platform will allow your sales personnel to easily point to the mower’s features and benefits, creating a polished and enjoyable experience for customers. Additionally, you can order a custom showroom lift with full 360-degree rotation capability so your customer can stay in place as you discuss each important, useful aspect of the equipment on display.

MLM Lifts and Manufacturing: Custom Lifting Solutions Tailored to Your Lifting Needs

Altering your servicing or selling to become more compatible with your lifting equipment is not the most efficient way to grow your business. At MLM Lifts and Manufacturing, we work hard to help each customer in finding the perfect, custom lifting solution that increases productivity through simple design and operation. We are devoted to listening to your custom lifting needs and providing a reliable product made with longevity and durability in mind. Contact us today to receive a quote on your custom order.