Custom Lifts for Jet Engines

Custom Lifts for Jet Engines

When someone notices a jet or airplane in the sky, they may wonder where the passengers are headed or how fast it is travelling. However, it is uncommon for people to wonder how such large engines get installed into those airplanes. As heavy and large as jet engines are, special lifting equipment is imperative for a successful lift and transport. Below, we discuss four of the most common jet engine models and how creating a custom lift will promote the safety and efficiency of maintenance and installation.

1. Turboprop Engine

The turboprop engine uses a gearing system to connect to the aircraft propeller. Modern turboprops are equipped with propellers that have a smaller diameter but a larger number of blades for efficient operation at much higher flight speeds. The turboprop engine comprises a combustion chamber, which contains the pressurized air and gas, turbine, and compressor, which together runs the turbine. These aircraft engines are fuel-efficient and rotate at a mid-range speed. As a result, some small airliners and transport aircrafts are powered by turboprops.

2. Turbojet Engine

Turbojets can be highly efficient for supersonic jet aircrafts. The concept is simple: the turbojet works by passing air through the intake, compressor, turbine, combustion chamber, and exhaust. Additionally, fuel must be added to the combustion chamber and burned to raise the fluid mixture temperature to about 1000 degrees. The produced hot air is then pushed through a turbine that rotates the compressor. For optimal flight results, the pressure at the discharge of the turbine should be twice the amount in the atmosphere. Without the excessive pressure generated, no thrust would propel the aircraft forward.

3. Turbofan Engine

Quieter and more fuel-efficient, turbofan jet engines power most of today’s airliners with its sleek design. Oftentimes, you can find turbojet engines in high speed military aircrafts. All the air that enters the intake of a turbofan jet engine flows through the generator that produces the hot air. This generator comprises of a turbine, combustion chamber, and compressor. The objective of this system is to help achieve a higher thrust while maintaining the same level of consumption. 

4. Ramjet Engine

Did you know that ramjet engines have been used in space vehicles and several guided-missile systems? These are among the lightest types of engines in aircraft and come with no moving or rotating components. Therefore, the speed of an aircraft is responsible for forcing air into this engine model.

Two Custom Jet Engine Lifting Solutions

Moving a jet engine is no small feat. Therefore, investing in high-quality lifting solutions with a reliable efficiency is imperative. Below, we provide two exceptional custom jet engine lifting solutions for your industry needs.

SESM Lifts

Small Equipment Shop Maintenance (SESM) lifts can effectively lift and transport any jet engine ranging from 1,000 to over 25,000 pounds. Because SESM lifts can be customized according to your niche applications, they often increase business productivity and overall employee safety. Exploring the custom SESM lift options allows you to safely and efficiently repair or transport smaller jet engines.

LESM Lifts

Finding the right hydraulic lift for your bulky and heavy jet or other aircraft engines can be challenging. However, Large Equipment Shop Maintenance (LESM) lifts provide a perfect solution for lifting your equipment weighing over 100,000 pounds. To ensure safety and efficiency, you need a custom, reliable hydraulic lift guaranteed to complete a project with ease. When ordering your customized LESM lift, you can specify additional functions and dimensions to best suit your industry needs.

Custom Lifting Solutions with MLM Lifts and Manufacturing

Though some manufacturers create large supplies of standard engine lift models, your company should have a customized hydraulic lift to safely and effectively fit your needs. At MLM Lifts and Manufacturing, we work hard to create the perfect, custom lifting solution to increase productivity through simple design and operation. We are devoted to listening to your custom lifting needs and providing a reliable product durably made for the long haul. Contact us today to receive a quote on your custom order.