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What Makes Our Specialty Fabrication Process Unique?

How often are construction, auto, or manufacturing jobs held up due to the need for a specific part or machine that is highly inaccessible? MLM Lifts and Manufacturing is the leading producer of both high capacity, large diameter single-acting hydraulic cylinders and custom fabricated steel products for various industries. Though we offer quick turnarounds from first inquiry to a delivered product, we utilize each moment in product development, fabrication, and quality assurance.

MLM Lifts and Manufacturing’s specialty fabrication center uniquely solves many companies’ problem at hand by creating a custom part or machine-specific to their needs. Companies with agricultural, fluid power, material handling, or industrial needs regularly depend on us for specialty and custom-fabricated items as well as repeat jobs.

Custom Cylinder Fabrication

Our custom cylinders are available in many stroke lengths and four different diameters to suit your capacity or force requirements. Every item is precisely manufactured from Grade B pipes specially pressure-rated as ASTM A-53.

All specialty cylinder fabrication processes start the same way. Each cylinder plunger/rod begins with a turning and polishing to a 16 to 32 RMS finish for optimal function and sealing performance. The casing or barrel is then welded together by thick end-head plates and special welding wire, guaranteeing a leak-free performance. Pressure rated for additional quality checking, the components are produced and assembled as a final product. To ensure the most quality-driven product, each cylinder is then 100% hydraulically tested for smooth operation and proper performance before shipping.

Custom applications options for single-acting hydraulic cylinders include:

– Fiberglass coated casings for below-grade or wet application

– Industrial hard chrome rod for severe-duty and pharmaceutical applications

– Multi-post cylinder configurations

– Rack and pinion equalization

– Single and multi-position lock legs with manual, air, or solenoid operated releases

– Non-Rotators

– S.M.E. air/Oil Pressure Vessels

– Electric Hydraulic Power Units

– Raise and Lower Control Panels

All MLM cylinders can be purchased with a choice between fiberglass coating or standard color finishes in yellow, red, blue, black, or clear primer.

Custom Steel Fabrication

What happens if your factory or shop needs a specialty-crafted steel part that no direct retailers offer? Your next step is to create a custom product that solves your specific need. Through our custom steel fabrication center, we can develop that unique hydraulic, mold, lift, or equipment attachment you need to get your project up and running again. Our services can cater to multiple order types such as ones and twos, short runs, medium runs, and repeat jobs. From custom removable oven projects to a #5 slitter lowerator or even an air-powered rolling jack, no specialty fabrication project is beyond the capabilities of MLM Lifts and Manufacturing.

Get Started on your Specialty Fabrication Project with MLM

MLM Lifts and Manufacturing Inc guarantees customer satisfaction with our client communication, timely production, and high-quality finishes. We are devoted to listening to your custom fabrication needs and providing a reliable product made for longevity and durability. Contact us today to receive a quote on your custom order.